Classic Mini

File and Paint  15€  15min

Chic Midi

Cuticle, Shape, Massage, Paint  30€  45min

In Vogue Maxi Mani

Exfoliate, Deluxe Paraffin Wax Treatment, light neck and shoulder massage, extended arm massage, cuticle, file and Paint  45€  60min


Adds Ons to Classic, Chic or In Vogue

Shellac / LCN Polish  20€ 30min
French Polish  5€ 15min
Custom Nail Art per nail  5€ 15min


Shellac / LCN Recolution Manicure 

Block Colour  25€  45min
French Polish  30€  60min
Custom nail Art per nail  +5€  60min


Gel Overlays

LCN Black Diamond Manicure  45€  60min
LCN Natural Nail Boost  40€  60min


Gel Nail Enhancements  

Gel Nails Full Set  55€  90min
Full French Set  60€  90min
Refills  45€  75min
Removal  30€  60min
Single Nail Repair  10€  15min
Nail Art per Nail  2€  15min