Guinot Skin Mood Kit Grumpy


What mood did you wake up in this morning? No matter which mood you felt, we can save your skin from showing the effects of it… with just a little more attention and care using our brand NEW Skin Mood Kits. Small moments that make the biggest difference.

The Grumpy Skin Mood Kit is perfect for skin that is lacking lustre, looks dull and the texture is rough. Suitable for skin that has simply lost it’s natural glow.

These concerns can happen at any time, a dull complexion could be from a lack of exfoliating, so therefore a build of dead skin cells have accumulated.

Ideal for those who have concerns of aging, as dull skin can become more noticeable as the cell turnover slows with age.

Within this kit we have Gommage Biologic which will exfoliate the skin due to the fruit acids of lemon and apple and Masque Dynamisant to give an instant radiance, due to the mint and eucalyptus essential oils.


  • Gommage Biologic
  • Masque Dynamisant
  • X 2 Cleansing Pads
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