Guinot Skin Mood Kit Sensitive


What mood did you wake up in this morning? No matter which mood you felt, we can save your skin from showing the effects of it… with just a little more attention and care using our brand NEW Skin Mood Kits. Small moments that make the biggest difference.

The Sensitive Skin Mood Kit is perfect for those who may have been poorly recently, and their skin may have become weakened, the barrier may have become compromised and even the change of weather can heighten levels of sensitivity.

With these factors the skin can feel sore to touch, look red and flaky. Within this kit Crème Hydra Sensitive will help to reduce the redness and restore the skins barrier and Masque Hydra Sensitive will visibly reduce redness due to the lymphokinine Complex.


  • Crème Hydra Sensitive
  • Masque Hydra Sensitive
  • X 2 Cleansing Pads
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