LCN Beauty Care

Over 30 years of success, in 70 different countries, learn about what makes LCN special!

*The only acid free gel products in Ireland*

Successful products are a natural result of continuous research and development, which is why LCN has a reputation for quality and innovation.
LCN established its reputation as a manufacturer of modern UV gel systems for nail cosmetics.

Our experience in this can be traced back over eighty years to 1914, when the manufacturer of LCN products, Wilde Cosmetics, was established as a dental manufacturer in Germany.
By 1985 the original company had split into two divisions, Wilde Medizintechnik and Wilde Cosmetics, so that the cosmetics branch could pursue the development of light-cured UV gels specifically for use in nail cosmetics.

Research, Development, Production

At LCN, successful production is the logical consequence of in-house research and development. Modern nail care has to meet not just the high expectations of professionals, but also the aspirations of health conscious and highly discriminating consumers.
Kindness to skin and nails, durability, attractive appearance and ease of use are criteria with which all our products must comply. This requires close collaboration between chemists, physicists and cosmotologists.
All equipment production at LCN is carried out in accordance with the strictest safety requirements, so that we can fulfil the respective demands of standards around the world, including those of the German TUV, the Canadian CSA label, and the particularly high standards of Scandinavian countries.
Equipment is backed by official certification and products by Material Safety Data Sheets in compliance with EEC Regulation 91/155/EEC, as required.