Guinot Anti-Fatigue Eye Mask 30ml


Refreshes and relaxes tired eyes and restores a more youthful appearance in just 10 minutes

Smooths out lines and the eye contour area

Relieves swelling in the eyelids and reduces the appearance of dark circles

Refreshes and soothes

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The skin around the eyes is particularly fine and delicate.

Consisting of very few cell layers and inadequately protected by a deficient acid mantle, the skin in the eye contour is highly vulnerable to external irritants.

If skincare products are not applied, signs of ageing appear, such as wrinkles and lines in the corners of the eyes.

Signs of fatigue such as dark circles and puffiness are visible in the morning and at night.

To visibly improve all these problems, it is essential to use treatment products with suitable textures and active ingredients that maximise effectiveness.