Guinot Exfoiliating Face Scrub 50ml


Rids the skin of dead cells to restores radiance

Refines and smoothes the skin

Boosts cell renewal

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Exfoliation is an essential beauty step for a radiant and luminous complexion. Every 30 days, epidermal cells are naturally renewed.

However, numerous factors such as dehydration, ageing, fatigue or excess sebum disturb cell renewal, causing dead skin cells to build up on the skin’s surface.

The skin becomes asphyxiated and the complexion appears dull.

Due to its double microbeads, GOMMAGE ÉCLAT PARFAIT gently exfoliates the skin, ridding it of dead skin cells and impurities. It also stimulates cell renewal and uncovers new skin that is luminous and radiant.

Enriched with Essential Fatty Acids for added comfort, it leaves the skin soft and supple.