Guinot Skin Mood Kit Tired


What mood did you wake up in this morning? No matter which mood you felt, we can save your skin from showing the effects of it… with just a little more attention and care using our brand NEW Skin Mood Kits. Small moments that make the biggest difference.

Lifestyle factors such as an uneven diet, lack of sleep and even work that is based in front of a screen, can deprive the skin from oxygen which can make the skin appear tired and dull.

For this type of skin we would recommend choosing the Tired Skin Mood Kit. Within this kit there is Masque Bioxygene, which will instantly help to replenish any oxygen lost and depollute the skin, leaving it looking radiant and healthy. Paired with this is Masque Yeux which will decongest and reduce puffiness around the eyes, diminishing the signs of tiredness.


  • Masque Anti-Fatigue Yeux
  • Masque Bioxygene
  • X 2 Cleansing Pads
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