Guinot Longue Vie Lip Balm 15ml


Gives the lips a more youthful appearance

Plumps the lips and define their contour

Protects and softens

Smoothes out small lines

Lipstick lasts longer

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The lips and the area around the mouth are extremely delicate. The skin of the lip contour is very fine and fragile and the lips are formed of mucous membrane with very little natural protection.

They are thus very sensitive to drying and dehydration, and are constantly exposed to environmental attack.

The lip contour area has poor circulation and is continuously in movement; as a result the lips feel tight and cracks may appear.

Without appropriate care, fine lines form, the lips become thinner and wrinkles form around their contour.

The lips require daily protection and nourishment.

With the help of a light-textured formula at an optimum concentration that acts in depth, the lips can erase some of the signs of aging and recover their youthful appearance.