Guinot Skin Mood Kit Angry

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What mood did you wake up in this morning? No matter which mood you felt, we can save your skin from showing the effects of it… with just a little more attention and care using our brand NEW Skin Mood Kits. Small moments that make the biggest difference.

When we are stressed, the body releases a hormone called cortisol and this can worsen breakouts, the breakouts can look angry, red and the skin can produce excess oil. For this skin type we would recommend the Angry Skin Mood Kit.

Included in the kit is Crème Pur Equil to help balance the flow of oil and Gel Acnilogic which will visibly reduce breakouts and exfoliate clogged pores due to the key ingredient of Acniclear Complex.


  • Crème Pur Equilibre
  • Gel Acnilogic
  • X 2 Cleansing Pads
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